Monday, May 4, 2009

nautical wedding centerpieces asked our event design company inBloom Event Design to style some beach or nautical inspired centerpieces and bouquets for their online magazine. So, with the help of my partner, Joelle, I created two types of centerpieces. Both in a tin pail, which reminded me of a child's pail at a beach - but one going for a more modern nautical look with a striped ribbon, and the other with a lacy navy ribbon to channel an antique nautical style. The flowers used are peonies, ranunculus, white anasastias and white garden roses. It smelled divine!


Linette said...

Thank you for the perfect inspiration for our Nautical themed event. Your centerpieces are exactly what we had in mind..simple yet elegent...just what we were thinking. One hundred guests for an end of the summer party.

inBloom Events + Design... said...

You are so welcome! Send me a pic so I can see how they turned out :)