Saturday, May 23, 2009

purple anemones for helen

A spunky scent-free (yes, scent-free!) hand tied bouquet for Helen...made of purple anemones, purple orchids, yellow and red ranunculus, yellow tulips, purple thistle and willow branches.

Monday, May 11, 2009

white casual and loose centerpieces

For an upcoming magazine article, my fellow 'Bloomer Joelle and I created these casual, loose white centrepieces this weekend. We used different rustic vessels that emulated a simple garden style, in different sizes and textures, and filled them with blooming cherry blossom branches, white ranunculous, white peonies, white orchids, white chrysanthemums and white carnations. There's nothing more beautiful than a simple cluster of monochromatic white blooms!

Monday, May 4, 2009

nautical bouquet

And here is the nautical bouquet for (see below for more of a description of the project!) - I used white tulips, a white and navy ribbon and red starfish for a simple, modern take on the nautical theme.

nautical wedding centerpieces asked our event design company inBloom Event Design to style some beach or nautical inspired centerpieces and bouquets for their online magazine. So, with the help of my partner, Joelle, I created two types of centerpieces. Both in a tin pail, which reminded me of a child's pail at a beach - but one going for a more modern nautical look with a striped ribbon, and the other with a lacy navy ribbon to channel an antique nautical style. The flowers used are peonies, ranunculus, white anasastias and white garden roses. It smelled divine!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

tea party flowers

For a tea party bridal shower the other day, I made these arrangements for the buffet table. The first is in a giant tea cup and saucer - how appropriate! The other three are in old antique tea tins...I used a mixture of peonies, hydrangeas, yellow orchids, craspedia, white chrystanthemums and green spider chrysanthemums, greenery, cherry blossom branches and yellow roses.

Monday, January 5, 2009

and more holiday arrangements

For one of my favourite people and her mom (who is also one of my favourite people), I made this Christmas Day centerpiece. I tried to go modern (to match the style of these wonderful women) but classic, using parrot tulips (i have a new found love for parrot tulips), mixed with yellow pincushion, a white mum, a stem of green orchid, and some cool red berries I found. I wanted each side to be different, so it was a surprise any which way you look at it. I found a nice matte black bowl at Homesense, to be used even after the flowers disappear!

more christmas arrangements

For our dear family friend, Pauline, who has impeccable classic taste, I made this traditional holiday arrangement, using red roses, but adding parrot tulips help add a funky flair!